Can We Skip to the Grants?

grants Jun 01, 2024

Looking for grants to fuel your business or passion? Skip's grants are now bigger and better than ever. If you could use $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more to help your business, here's how you can quickly apply for Skip grants.

šŸ“Œ Here are the recent Skip grant winners

šŸ’ø Apply for the latest Skip grants

Every month Skip gives out 3 types of grants:

  • Instant grants. These are typically $1k grants open to all entrepreneurs that are given out within 24-48 hours of being listed where the winner has to watch live in order to win.
  • Monthly grants. These are also typically $1k grants open to all entrepreneurs, for free Skip users and Skip Plus members, available on a monthly basis.
  • Skip grants. These are larger grants, typically $10k or more, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, typically given out on a monthly basis.

You can see all of the active Skip grants on the Skip Dashboard. Some grants, like the Instant Skip Grants, are exclusively on the Skip App.

What are the Skip Grants?

Since 2020, Skip has donated over $300,000 back to entrepreneurs and small business owners in the form of grants and this number is rapidly growing.

You can see all of Skip's latest grants on the Skip Dashboard.

How Many Skip Grants are Given Out Each Month?

While this number has changed every month based, as of June 2024, Skip typically gives out 5-10 grants per month. We'll typically announce the number of grants we plan to give out at the beginning of a given month.

*These are the minimum grants. If you've joined our livestreams when we pick winners, you've seen Ryder pick extra winners for folks who just join in live, typically between 2-4 extra winners per month.

How Do I Apply For Other Small Business Grants?

You've got tons of options available to you. You can check out our brand-new funding collections below or see dozens of grant and funding opportunities on the Skip App.

The Skip grant and funding collections:

Want Help Applying for Funding Options?

If you want help applying for any of these funding options ā€” or even exploring other options ā€” we recommend connecting with our team 1-1 so we can guide you through the process successfully.

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